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Williams and Batchelder, LLP

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Our Legal Practices


Corporate and Business Law

Advising Businesses of All Sizes

Williams and Batchelder, LLP advises on the full range of business matters including formation, taxation, contracts, employment, buy/sells, sales and acquisitions, and dissolution. We have experience with international businesses, tech companies, start-ups, and family business succession planning.  We can serve as in-house counsel to businesses who do not need a full-time employed attorney. For a full list of our legal services click here.

Wealth Management

Protecting and Transferring Your Wealth

Williams and Batchelder, LLP advises clients on obtaining, titling, protecting, and transferring their wealth during life and at death.  We have experience drafting and administering wills and trusts; buying, selling, and leasing real estate; handling tax disputes with the IRS; and avoiding probate where possible. For a full list of our legal services click here.

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Decades of Experience

Williams and Batchelder, LLP has been litigating in the Medina area since its founding in 1880.  Our litigation services generally include corporate, probate, and tort litigation. For a full list of our legal services click here.

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