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            Our firm focuses on three main areas of the law: Wealth Management, Business Law, and Civil Litigation.  Our wealth management practice includes Estate Planning, Probate, Real Estate, Taxation, and Charitable Giving in Ohio and Florida.  We also handle international probate administration.  We act as corporate counsel to many small to mid-size businesses in Northeast Ohio.  We can assist businesses from the start of a company through an acquisition or sale, from real estate transactions to contract negotiations.  We work with many family businesses and have a great deal of experience with transferring businesses successfully to the next generations.  We frequently represent professional entities such as insurance agencies, medical practices, law firms, and accounting firms.  Our civil litigation practice encompasses disputes relating to all areas of our wealth management and business law practices, as well as personal injury litigation on behalf of insurance companies and their insureds.

WEALTH MANAGEMENT                  BUSINESS LAW                                           LITIGATION
IN OHIO AND FLORIDA                    IN OHIO                                                        IN OHIO
Estate Planning, including                   Small to Mid-Size Businesses                    Civil Litigation Including
- Wills and Trusts                                       - LLC, Corporation,                                   - Insurance Defense
- Children’s Trusts                                        Partnership                                              - Corporate
- Special Needs Trusts                              - Starting a business                                   - Probate, Trust, and Will
- Powers of Attorney                                -Contracts                                                      Contests     
- Living Wills and Health Care                -Sale of a Business                                      - Contract Disputes
    POAs                                                    - Employment Agreements                         - Real Estate
- Tax Planning                                          - Mergers and Acquisitions                         - Partition
Probate                                                     - Taxation and Tax Planning                      - Employment
- Probate Administration                           - Dissolution
- International Probate                              - Confidentiality Agreements
   Administration                                       - Buy-Sell Agreements
- Non-probate Assets Transfers                - Negotiations
- Estate Taxes                                        Professional Businesses,
- Trust Administration                                including Medical Practices, CPA firms,    
Taxation and IRS Disputes                      Law Firms, Insurance Agencies, Estate Leases
Real Estate                                          Family Business Succession Planning
-Purchases or Sales                               Not For Profit Business          
-Deeds                                                  Real Estate
-Transfer on Death Designations          - Commercial Real Estate
- Leases                                                 - Notes and Mortgages
- Notes and Mortgages                          - Leases
Gifting                                                   - Zoning
- Gift Taxation                                        - Tax Disputes
- Charitable Gifts                                           
-Wealth Transfers to Family
-Private Foundations